How to pick up your first suit ?.

Purchasing your first suit is one of these days that will stick in your mind forever. So you should have a good experience to make a good memory sticking in your mind.

The color: there’s 3 basic solid colors you can choose between as your first suit, Which is grey, navy and black. Let me give a little hint to make it easier picking up the color, If you’re a dark skin a light grey suit will looks great on you with a dark color shirt even will looks good on white skin.
Put the navy as a second option and don’t do black as a first suit unless you need it for something you have to wear black for it. Because the black is really expected color and a little bit limited to match it with shirts, ties and shoes.

The fit: don’t buy a regular fit suit as your first suit. Any suit you will purchase it will need some alteration to fit exactly your body definition, so make sure you pick up a slim fit suit.
The jacket should give you the V shape look, should cover half of your pants side pockets not longer than that and the sleeves should be a little higher than your wrist to show your shirt and your watch.

The pants should set on the top of your shoes so it looks flat on the front and doesn’t roll over your shoes.
Also make sure that the legs are tapered enough so it doesn’t look so baggie and doesn’t feel tight like jeans.
Don’t forget THE FIT IS MAGIC if your suit fits you perfectly it’ll look really expensive suit.

Now i can gurantee that you will look the best in your first suit if you folow this few steps.

Feel free to contact us you need any help picking up your suit.

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